Brownbuilt Racking

Safe and Effective Brownbuilt Pallet Racking Available in Melbourne

B & R Storage Systems are one of Melbourne’s most reliable and trustworthy providers of warehouse shelving and racking systems.

With our vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and extensive range of products, we have built a reputation for providing Melbourne businesses with the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe solutions. Our service is conduct in a thoroughly efficiently manner to ensure that we do not impede on your businesses productivity.

Our service aims to enhance the space of an existing warehouse so that you do not have to find a new location for your business. This can prove costly as relocating to another warehouse takes time and reduces a business’s productivity.

B & R are a proud provider of Brownbuilt pallet racking systems. Brownbuilt shelving have long been one of Australia’s most trusted providers in highly efficient and durable warehouse shelving. Brownbuilt are renowned for providing high-profile Australian clients with a top quality storage system, and we encourage clients to have us install their product at your warehouse.

Installation and relocation service on our products

B & R provide one of Melbourne’s leading Brownbuilt shelving. Our service is specially co-ordinated to ensure that we do not impede on the operations of your company.

We provide continual communication with our clients to ensure that they always have knowledge of the operation and that the client is happy with it. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, we will happily come to your warehouse to provide our installation/relocation service.

Contact us for further enquiries

B & R Storage Systems are proud to supply Melbourne’s factories with state of the art Brownbuilt storage systems and shelving. We have supplied businesses all across the city with these systems and proudly recommend them to our valued clients. We encourage new customers to get in touch with us to further discuss these highly efficient products.

Please call 03 9791 3666 or fill our contact form to further discuss how our range of Brownbuilt pallet racking systems can increase business productivity at your warehouse.

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