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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking in Melbourne, Victoria

Cantilever is perfect for storing those long packs of material such as timber, pipes or steel. It is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion. With clear access to all levels and without any horizontal restrictions, it’s ideal for any length packs. Second hand cantilever racking offers a cost effective storage solution.

The easily adjustable arms add to the versatility of this system by utilising the various arm lengths available and weight capacities. B&R Storage Systems can design a system that suits your requirements. Cantilever racking comes in both a single sided version and a double sided version giving you the flexibility to store along the wall or in the centre of your warehouse.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

  1. Versatility in Storage

Perhaps what makes this solution so popular is its versatility. Industries across Australia benefit from installing this solution because of its ability to store objects of virtually any length. The main industries that benefit from utilising this technology are the automotive, electronic, factory, retail and warehousing industries.

  1. Easy Accessibility

What’s more, cantilever racking has an open design, free from obstructing posts, making storing awkward objects an absolute breeze. In fact, easy accessibility was the primary reason behind designing this solution, so you know that you won’t have any trouble storing any awkward objects.

  1. Ideal for Bulky and Long Items

The specialised, two-rack-on-l beam design is made for storing long items. In fact, there is no industry solution more ideal than this one for storing long objects.

Industries that utilise this technology

  1. Lumber and Building Materials

Naturally, long building objects like beams and as well lumber need a free, open space with plenty of length for safe storage. There is no design better than this one for storing otherwise-awkward objects in a warehousing situation.

  1. Automotive Industry
  2. Furniture Warehousing

Cantilever Racking vs. Traditional Shelving

There are numerous differences between these storage solutions, including:

  1. Key Differences and Benefits

This solution’s postless, unobstructed design ensures you can more easily hold large and awkward objects.

  1. Enhancing Storage Efficiency

This winning solution ensures storage optimisation as it more easily allows for larger objects to be stored until it is time for delivery or time to be used.

  1. Maximising Vertical Space

Any warehouse foreman will tell you that it’s imperative to optimise vertical space to maximise return on investment. Therefore, having one of these solutions allows you to use all that free airspace found in your location.

  1. Organisational Strategies

There can be no beating the ease of organisation that can be found with this solution. Why? Because its free, unobstructed design ensures that you can create a dynamic and versatile storage strategy.

Want to Learn About Sizing and Dimensions?

At B&R Storage, we also sell used and second hand cantilever racking.

Cantilever Sizing and Dimensions

Cantilever Sizing and Dimensions

Column Heights






Bay Widths






Arm Lengths






Arm Weights







B&R Storage Systems cantilever racking system comes in both a powder coated and galvanised finish, giving you the perfect solution for any application.

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