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Used Pallet Racking

A Premier Supplier of Used Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is an indispensable asset to your business’s warehouse as it will improve overall efficiency and productivity when processing your inventory. For instance, creating sections according to inventory-type, size, rotation required. Unfortunately, not every organisation can afford to install a brand-new racking system as new Racking systems can be costly and lets be honest, the second its been installed, its now used pallet racking anyway. So why not save money and buy quality compliant networks.

B&R Storage Systems is a leading supplier of used Pallet Racking across Melbourne Metro and throughout Victoria. We stock premium quality used warehouse Racking for you to build an effective storage system for your business. Our stock includes leading brands such as Dexion, Colby, Stow, Schaefer, Brownbuilt and more to suit your requirements!


How Can Used Pallet Racking Help Organise Your Warehouse?

Aside from second-hand Pallet Racking being an essential addition to your warehouse, it also comes with a range of benefits that are more than just functional:

  • Cost-Effective: Used Pallet Racking doesn’t lose its value over time and are long-lasting pieces of equipment. These designs offer better value for your budget, keeping your organisation costs at a minimum. At B&R Storage Systems, our competitive rates ensure you get the most out of your investment in handed-on designs.
  • Easy Assembly: Used Pallet Racking is often pre-assembled or partially assembled upon arrival, saving you time and allowing for a quick process to install.
  • Leading Brands: Second-hand suppliers offer a variety of goods from different brands, allowing business owners to browse and compare.
  • Restoration: Used warehouse Racking can be easily restored on a consistent basis and as needed. This is due to them being very durable and easy to maintain over a long period of time.
  • Sustainable Alternative: By opting for these designs, it’s more environmentally friendly, affordable, and can present an eco-friendly image.


What to Review Before Purchasing Used Warehouse Racking?

It must be compliant and capable of operating in the manner you need it to.

By choose B&R Storage Systems as your first choice supplier, you instantly have peace of mind, knowing with 40 years in the industry you will be receiving compliant, good quality second hand pallet racking. Taking the worry away as to its capability. All racking sold by B&R Storage Systems complies with the necessary Australian Standards its required to. Additionally, the Pallet Racks you acquire should easily withstand the weight of your business inventory. It is crucial to consider what your inventory needs when selecting the correct components for your Pallet Racking system. For instance, selective pallet racking allows access to stock from any side, while drive-in racking is suitable for high-storage density inventory with low stock rotation.

As an independent supplier, B&R Storage Systems focuses on the needs and requirements of our customers and not on selling any particular brand.  In consultation with our clients we determine what product(s) might best suit them and their business’ needs. Our team of experts aim to successfully deliver a satisfactory product.


Looking to Choose the Right Second-Hand Pallet Racking Supplier?

Sourcing pre-owned Pallet Racking from a reliable supplier is crucial to minimise the impact on your business and helps to increase productivity levels. Our team of professionals at B&R Storage Systems are skilled and knowledgeable in assisting you set up an optimal second-hand Pallet Racking systems for your warehouse. Connect with one of our customer service representatives at 03 9791 3666 or send us an enquiry to get started with managing your requirements with used warehouse racking today!