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High-Quality Steel Shelving Melbourne

Hard-wearing and reliable steel shelving solutions have become indispensable storage solutions for various industrial sites, warehouses, and retail stores. From creating a more efficient way to access your goods, to organising a more efficient and safe item management system, there are a selection of benefits to integrating shelving into your business.

B&R Storage Systems brings you the epitome of strength and utility with our range of steel shelving in Melbourne. Designed for organisations requiring robust storage, our steel shelving options are unmatched in quality and resilience, promising weight handling that many modern solutions simply can’t match.

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Our Selection of Steel Shelving Options Available

B&R Storage Systems prides itself on offering a diverse selection of heavy duty industrial shelving options in Melbourne, crafted to meet various industrial demands. Our steel shelving is not just a product; it’s a solution for businesses with internal processes that demand more efficiency, security and adaptability.

Our options include:

  • Older Style Steel Shelving: These designs carry significant weights, and their braced format allows for better visibility. Vintage craftsmanship offers an appeal that some modern styles simply cannot provide, and their robust nature makes them ideal for industrial environments.
  • Bolted Top & Bottom Shelves: Offering maximum stability, the top and bottom shelves are bolted to ensure a strong and secure foundation. This ensures that your inventory is not only stored safely but can be accessed without any concern for instability or wobbling.
  • Adjustable Intermediate Shelves: Featuring heavy-duty clips, our steel shelves offer easy adjustability. Whether you need to store small parts or heavy machinery, these shelves can be adapted to your unique requirements, providing a customisable solution.
  • Weight Handling Capability: Our shelves are capable of carrying weights up to 400kgs on a single shelf level. If you deal in heavy equipment or products, our steel shelving solutions provide the strength and durability needed to easily handle substantial loads.

Our steel shelving solutions are designed to accommodate various needs and preferences, from the smallest retail store to the largest industrial warehouse.

What are the Benefits of Steel Shelving?

The adoption of steel shelving, especially in Melbourne’s bustling industrial sectors, offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • High Durability: Constructed with top-grade materials, our steel shelving withstands heavy loads without wear and tear. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they assure longevity, retaining their appearance and functionality over time.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjustable to cater to diverse storage needs, steel shelving allows you to maximise your space. Whether it’s seasonal inventory changes or expanding product lines, these shelves can be adapted quickly.
  • Enhanced Organisation: With steel shelving, organisation becomes effortless. By facilitating a systematic arrangement of products, they enhance efficiency, streamline workflow, and can significantly reduce the time taken for inventory management.
  • Greater Safety: Our steel shelving solutions are not just about storing items; they prioritise the safety of your workers. Sturdy industrial steel shelving creates a more secure environment that minimises the risk of accidents and injuries.

What are the Specifications of Our Steel Shelving Solutions in Melbourne?

Our steel shelving solutions are tailored to meet the demanding needs of Melbourne’s industrial scene like Bayswater, with many different sizes available, including:



5’11” (1803mm)

6’11” (2108mm)

7’3” (2210mm)

7’11” (2410mm)


2’6” (762mm)

3’ (915mm)

3’6” (1067mm)

4’ (1219mm)


12” (305mm)

15” (381mm)

18” (457mm)

2’ (610mm)



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A Premier Supplier of Used Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is an indispensable asset to your business’s warehouse as it will improve overall efficiency and productivity when processing your inventory. For instance, creating sections according to inventory-type, size, rotation required. Unfortunately, not every organisation can afford to install a brand-new racking system as new Racking systems can be costly and lets be honest, the second its been installed, its now used pallet racking anyway. So why not save money and buy quality compliant networks.

B&R Storage Systems is a leading supplier of used Pallet Racking across Melbourne Metro and throughout Victoria. We stock premium quality used warehouse Racking for you to build an effective storage system for your business. Our stock includes leading brands such as Dexion, Colby, Stow, Schaefer, Brownbuilt and more to suit your requirements!


How Can Used Pallet Racking Help Organise Your Warehouse?

Aside from second-hand Pallet Racking being an essential addition to your warehouse, it also comes with a range of benefits that are more than just functional:

  • Cost-Effective: Used Pallet Racking doesn’t lose its value over time and are long-lasting pieces of equipment. These designs offer better value for your budget, keeping your organisation costs at a minimum. At B&R Storage Systems, our competitive rates ensure you get the most out of your investment in handed-on designs.
  • Easy Assembly: Used Pallet Racking is often pre-assembled or partially assembled upon arrival, saving you time and allowing for a quick process to install.
  • Leading Brands: Second-hand suppliers offer a variety of goods from different brands, allowing business owners to browse and compare.
  • Restoration: Used warehouse Racking can be easily restored on a consistent basis and as needed. This is due to them being very durable and easy to maintain over a long period of time.
  • Sustainable Alternative: By opting for these designs, it’s more environmentally friendly, affordable, and can present an eco-friendly image.


What to Review Before Purchasing Used Warehouse Racking?

It must be compliant and capable of operating in the manner you need it to.

By choose B&R Storage Systems as your first choice supplier, you instantly have peace of mind, knowing with 40 years in the industry you will be receiving compliant, good quality second hand pallet racking. Taking the worry away as to its capability. All racking sold by B&R Storage Systems complies with the necessary Australian Standards its required to. Additionally, the Pallet Racks you acquire should easily withstand the weight of your business inventory. It is crucial to consider what your inventory needs when selecting the correct components for your Pallet Racking system. For instance, selective pallet racking allows access to stock from any side, while drive-in racking is suitable for high-storage density inventory with low stock rotation.

As an independent supplier, B&R Storage Systems focuses on the needs and requirements of our customers and not on selling any particular brand.  In consultation with our clients we determine what product(s) might best suit them and their business’ needs. Our team of experts aim to successfully deliver a satisfactory product.


Looking to Choose the Right Second-Hand Pallet Racking Supplier?

Sourcing pre-owned Pallet Racking from a reliable supplier is crucial to minimise the impact on your business and helps to increase productivity levels. Our team of professionals at B&R Storage Systems are skilled and knowledgeable in assisting you set up an optimal second-hand Pallet Racking systems for your warehouse. Connect with one of our customer service representatives at 03 9791 3666 or send us an enquiry to get started with managing your requirements with used warehouse racking today!


The Finest Warehouse Pallet Racking & Warehouse Shelving across Melbourne & Dandenong

At B&R Storage Systems, we’re proud to be the leading supplier of Pallet Racking in Melbourne and have been since 1982. We stock all the leading brands at the best prices, including new and second-hand Pallet Racking for sale in all Melbourne metro areas and throughout Victoria

Our extensive range of warehouse Pallet Racking includes brands such as:

  • Dexion
  • Colby
  • Brownbuilt
  • SSI Schaefer
  • APC
  • Cyclone
  • Acrow
  • Macrack
  • Dramac
  • Spacerack
  • Old Style Acrow
  • & More

Selective pallet racking is the simplest of all warehouse shelving storage systems providing direct access to all pallets and is the most economical in terms of equipment and capital costs. We have large quantities of Pallet Racking available for sale, ensuring we can match up with your current racking or provide you with your preferred brand of Pallet Racking.

Our Pallet Racking – High Quality Warehouse Shelving in Melbourne and Dandenong for Sale

Pallet Racking comes in various heights, lengths and carrying capacities. At B&R Storage Systems, we provide an extensive range of warehouse Racking that covers all required dimensions for Pallet Racking all across Melbourne and Dandenong south and metro areas. Warehouse racking or warehouse shelving comes in various heights, lengths and carrying capacities all for sale throughout Melbourne Metro.

Frames Heights









Frame Depths


838mm (Standard)







Beam Lengths









Per Level Weights






All frames come complete with footplates as racking must be dyna bolted to the floor. Beams also come in various sizes and weight capacities so anything is possible and here at B&R Storage System we often make the impossible possible.

Pallet Sizes and Dimensions

Warehouse racking comes in various heights, lengths and carrying capacities with the most common being:

All frames come complete with footplates as racking must be dyna bolted to the floor.

Beams also come in various sizes and weight capacities, however beams are made every 75mm so anything is possible and here at B & R Storage System we often make the impossible possible.

How to Select the Right Aisle Width for Your Warehouse Racking and Warehouse Shelving

Choosing the right aisle width can be a difficult task, however here at B & R Storage Systems as we aim to provide a high level of service we have a simple formula to assist you with this situation.

Step 1

Put a pallet on your forklift


Step 2

Measure the entire length of your forklift and the pallet on the front


Step 3

Add 300mm to the step 2 measurement


Now, this is the minimum aisle distance you require for a traditional sit on forklift. As Pallet Racking and warehouse Racking or warehouse shelving comes in a wide range of sizes, it has an application for your every need. If you’re unsure of the process of finding the perfect warehouse Pallet Racking in Melbourne and Dandenong or are ready to find the right solution for your needs, please contact our friendly staff today to discuss all the options available for sale.

Why is Pallet Racking Vital to Proper Warehouse Shelving?

Warehouse storage can quickly become congested with many materials entering storage, making it difficult for employees to work efficiently. Especially if you ship, manage and organise your inventory all from one location. It is essential to set up proper warehouse shelving systems with Pallet Racking, as it offers several advantages, including:

  • More Space: Piling up your inventory here and there or on top of each other might not cause much of an issue if you don’t have many items. Once your inventory grows, investing in Pallet Racking becomes crucial to maintaining some order in your warehouse. Our team across Melbourne can help you determine the most viable selection of Racking systems for sale for your warehouse shelving needs.
  • Reduce Risk of Injuries: An employee injured in the workplace can have serious repercussions for your business. It is imperative that your warehouse shelving is functional with Pallet Racking and is set up properly, so the risk of injuries is reduced. Too much clutter and inventory piled up can create an unsafe work environment.
  • Prevent Property Damage: Cluttered inventory can potentially cause damage to your storage and, thereby, cost you far more than if you organised your warehouse storage by employing Pallet Racking systems best suited for your business. B&R Storage Systems offers a wide range of warehouse racking suitable for your business needs for sale to select from.
  • Improved Organisation: Disorderly warehouse shelving can negatively impact the business’s overall performance and potentially result in sales losses or other problems that could have been avoided. Effective organisation is paramount to running an efficient warehouse Racking system. Our team across Melbourne and Dandenong can assist you in mapping out the best layout for sale for your warehouse racking.
  • Cost-Effective: By utilising a pallet racking system and saving space, you eliminate the need for renting an extra storage unit or space, in Melbourne or Dandenong Sth, to store further inventory. At B&R Storage Systems, we provide an array of suitable racking systems for sale to choose from as per your warehouse racking needs.


What Factors Should You Consider When Investing in Pallet Racking Systems?

At times, Pallet Racking systems could require a bit of planning before being implemented. Some matters that should be taken into consideration are:

  • Space Dimensions: It is essential to know the overall space dimensions for your warehouse to determine how you might want to set up your Pallet Racking systems.
  • Labelling System: It is prudent to have the labels ready for your Pallet Racking system so you can stamp them on as the Racks are installed. This prevents any disorder and ensures your business operations run safely.
  • Training: It is imperative to train your employees in setting up, maintaining, and organising your Pallet Racking systems to efficiently run your business operations. In addition, this further reduces the potential of any disorder from occurring and causing disruptions to the warehouse Racking systems.
  • Accessibility: After assembling the Pallet Racking systems, it is vital that all inventory is accessible to employees without disrupting the general workflow. A well designed racking system allows for easy restocking accessibility


B&R Storage Systems, located in Dandenong Sth is a leading supplier of Pallet Racking, ensuring that you, the customer, get the benefits and a cost-effective solution. We carry a wide variety of Racking systems for sale to pick and choose from. We deliver our warehouse Racking systems all through Melbourne metro areas, as well as to other parts of Victoria. You can call B&R Storage Systems today  and our team will assist you on 03 9791 3666 or send an enquiry to discuss your needs with one of our experienced Melbourne salespersons and find the best solution for you.

We also provide Pallet Racking inspections, and stock second hand pallet racking from trusted manufacturers like BrownbuiltColby and Schaefer, as well as models from the industry-leading Dexion brand for sale.



High-Density Warehousing With Our Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

Drive-In racking is ideal for high density storage requirements where you may have 20 pallets of the same product.
This system uses minimal floor space whilst maximising the amount of pallets you can store in the one location.
30% less floor space used and 50% increase in storage capacity compared to your regular selective pallet racking.
B&R Storage Systems can design a Drive-In racking system to suit your needs. Drive-In pallet racking is ideally suited to businesses that have low stock rotation or bulk storage applications and is extremely efficient for freezer storage where space is minimal.

With options from 2 – 8 pallets deep and heights of up to 10 metres, makes this system versatile and capable of meeting any requirements. The rail system makes for easy quick loading of pallets. Having direct access to bulk lines of products can improve productivity levels greatly.

B&R Storage Systems being a leading Second hand supplier of all products, ensures that you the customer get the benefits and a cost effective solution. Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.

Easy Storage and Accessibility With Our Efficient Carpet Racking Solutions

Carpet racking is a quick and efficient way to store all carpet rolls. Utilising standard selective pallet racking with a depth of 1200mm for the frames, B&R Storage Systems can design a system to handle those long 3600mm lengths of carpet which are generally hard to store with great ease.

B&R Storage Systems can design a system that suits your requirements with a variety of length beams available.
We can tailor a Carpet rack solution that meets whatever space you have available.

By using a pallet racking product to store your carpet rolls in, it allows you the flexibility and adjustability to place levels at virtually any height. Thus giving a wide range of different diameter rolls, you can insert into any bays of rack. Every level can be set at a different height. With particle board spread across the entire level allows the weight distribution to be evenly distributed ensuring a safe and efficient storage system.

Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.

Streamline Storage and Retrieval of Goods With A-Frame Racking

A-Frame pallet racking is the ideal solution to store long lengths of aluminium extrusion, PVC piping and timber products.
The A-Frame construction can be designed, both in doubled sided and single sided options allowing full utilisation of floor space available.

B&R Storage Systems A-Frame units with the specially designed protruding arms, give you the ability to divide your products into different sections, length, profiles, colours etc.

With a variety of beam lengths available, B&R Storage Systems can design a system that meets your needs and requirements. Utilising regular pallet racking as the structure, makes this system extremely cost effective and flexible.
Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.

Cantilever Racking in Melbourne, Victoria

Cantilever is perfect for storing those long packs of material such as timber, pipes or steel. It is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion. With clear access to all levels and without any horizontal restrictions, it’s ideal for any length packs. Second hand cantilever racking offers a cost effective storage solution.

The easily adjustable arms add to the versatility of this system by utilising the various arm lengths available and weight capacities. B&R Storage Systems can design a system that suits your requirements. Cantilever racking comes in both a single sided version and a double sided version giving you the flexibility to store along the wall or in the centre of your warehouse.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

  1. Versatility in Storage

Perhaps what makes this solution so popular is its versatility. Industries across Australia benefit from installing this solution because of its ability to store objects of virtually any length. The main industries that benefit from utilising this technology are the automotive, electronic, factory, retail and warehousing industries.

  1. Easy Accessibility

What’s more, cantilever racking has an open design, free from obstructing posts, making storing awkward objects an absolute breeze. In fact, easy accessibility was the primary reason behind designing this solution, so you know that you won’t have any trouble storing any awkward objects.

  1. Ideal for Bulky and Long Items

The specialised, two-rack-on-l beam design is made for storing long items. In fact, there is no industry solution more ideal than this one for storing long objects.

Industries that utilise this technology

  1. Lumber and Building Materials

Naturally, long building objects like beams and as well lumber need a free, open space with plenty of length for safe storage. There is no design better than this one for storing otherwise-awkward objects in a warehousing situation.

  1. Automotive Industry
  2. Furniture Warehousing

Cantilever Racking vs. Traditional Shelving

There are numerous differences between these storage solutions, including:

  1. Key Differences and Benefits

This solution’s postless, unobstructed design ensures you can more easily hold large and awkward objects.

  1. Enhancing Storage Efficiency

This winning solution ensures storage optimisation as it more easily allows for larger objects to be stored until it is time for delivery or time to be used.

  1. Maximising Vertical Space

Any warehouse foreman will tell you that it’s imperative to optimise vertical space to maximise return on investment. Therefore, having one of these solutions allows you to use all that free airspace found in your location.

  1. Organisational Strategies

There can be no beating the ease of organisation that can be found with this solution. Why? Because its free, unobstructed design ensures that you can create a dynamic and versatile storage strategy.

Want to Learn About Sizing and Dimensions?

At B&R Storage, we also sell used and second hand cantilever racking.

Cantilever Sizing and Dimensions

Cantilever Sizing and Dimensions

Column Heights






Bay Widths






Arm Lengths






Arm Weights







B&R Storage Systems cantilever racking system comes in both a powder coated and galvanised finish, giving you the perfect solution for any application.

Call the staff at B&R Storage Systems or fill our contact form today to discuss the right solution for your requirements.

Carton Live Storage Solutions for Efficient Warehouse Management

Carton live storage is a unique style of storage Systems that allows you to pick small item orders by accessing individual cartons rather than full pallets. With trays on a slant and all cartons located upon rollers, once you pick the front carton the remainder gradually roll forward ensuring a quick and efficient system to picking orders.

Efficient and Dynamic Storage Solutions

B&R Storage Systems carton live storage racking system loads all cartons from the back keeping the front access clear and free for order picking. Whilst utilising pallet racking as the structure, you can store full pallets above allowing quick and easy access to replenish stock levels.

Most CLS (Carton live storage) trays fit within a standard double entry bay of pallet racking , meaning we can easily combine existing pallet racking into a pick and pack system

Call B&R Storage Systems today and discuss with one of our experienced sales staff the best solution for you.

Melbourne’s Leading Supplier of Raised Floor Systems

When you’re operating a warehouse, it’s easy to run short on space, and at B & R Storage Systems, we’re the experts at providing storage solutions to Melbourne warehouses with raised flooring systems. A raised flooring system can give you that extra space you were looking for minus the headache of having to find a new premise or lease another warehouse.

Our team at B & R Storage Systems can design you a raised floor system that not only gives you valuable floor space above but can also increase your storage volumes underneath your floor by inserting pick levels into the subframe which is made from pallet racking. By using selective pallet racking as your subframe, it enables a multitude of storage options not only beneath your floor but we can continue the pallet racking through the floor structure giving you valuable storage levels above. At B & R Storage Systems, we believe that a safe workplace is a productive workplace and this is why we don’t use timber bearers for all our floors. We believe a steel box tube bearer is the ultimate in floor construction ensuring maximum strength in the structure, giving you the best storage solutions with our designs.

A True Passion for Quality Products

We have been providing Australian businesses with the best designs for many years. Our passion lies in ensuring the best designs are always delivered, and you can expect the following from our service:

  • Efficiency: We work hard to ensure our clients always receive their order in the most efficient manner possible. What’s more, we thoroughly consult with our clientele to ensure that they are receiving the best design for their location;
  • The best product: To us, there is nothing more important than providing our valued clientele with the very best in raised flooring solutions. When you consult our team, you will be sure that you are dealing with a team who proudly provide the very best solution for their requirements.
  • Passion: Your warehousing efficiency is our number one concern. As such, you can trust that we are passionate about providing the very best in industry service.

Creating Raised Floor Systems That Highlight a Warehouse’s Full Potential

Well-designed raised flooring system provides the opportunity to fully utilise the potential of all the available space in your warehouse. These styles offer more space while allowing your warehouse to keep up with work safety requirements and OH&S regulations with handrails, pallet gates and a set of stairs located for quick and easy access.

We can design a style that suits your Melbourne warehouse needs. Flexibility is our goal, so we can create a style at any size. With our individually designed stairs we can produce a design at the height you desire. Our simple construction and the flexibility of using pallet racking means we can make any size that suits your need. We are proud to be a leading second-hand supplier of all storage products including storage cabinets, shop fittings, and heavy duty and steel shelving ensuring our customers get the benefits and a cost-effective solution they require.

Want to Contact Us Today to Find Out More About Our Raised Floor Systems?

We are Melbourne’s leading supplier of Raised Floor Systems. We have provided warehouses all over Melbourne with effective and reliable products and we always receive great reviews from our clients. Feel free to contact our staff if you have any further enquiries or would like to arrange a consultation. Call 03 9791 3666 to discuss how B&R Storage Systems can offer you the best solution for your warehouse.

Efficient Workspace Organization With High-Quality Work Benches

B&R Storage Systems Work benches are a strong and heavy duty alternative to the traditional style work bench.

A work bench from B&R Storage Systems can be totally designed the customer’s needs. The strong sturdy construction allow a multitude of use, any size bench can be produced at B&R Storage Systems.

With options such as; pick levels underneath your bench, having castors attached for manoeuvrability, extending the back of your bench, shelf levels above bench, particle board tops, melamine tops, individually designed steel tops the options are endless.

B&R Storage Systems being a leading Second hand supplier of all products ensures that you the customer get the benefits and a cost effective solution.

Contact a B&R Storage Systems sales rep today to discuss your bench requirements. A friendly staff member will listen to your requirements and design a work bench that best suits you